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If you are having trouble starting a fire, or keeping your gas fireplace on, try these tips. Woodburning: light a paper fire before adding any wood. This warms up the flue and will make the fireplace draw. Gas fireplaces: turn the unit to standing pilot only for about 3 minutes. Then turn the unit on low for another 3 minutes. Now slowly increase the flame. If you have not used your unit due to the summer, please allow several starts to “bleed” the line to get the gas back up to the unit. If you have a remote control, remember to change the batteries in your handset as WELL AS THE RECEIVER BOX. We hope this helps you and your family stay warm. Have a very Merry Christmas, and we will see you in 2016!

Have you been interested in installing a new gas fireplace? Now is the time to do it! Valor fireplaces are the best for when the power goes out, no blower needed. The radiant and convection heating these units offer makes Valor the most efficent heater out there. Call and schedule an appointment for a quote and start warming up today!

February 20th is the start of the 2016 Seattle Home Show. Stop by our booth #707 Feb 20- 28 and view our beautiful gas fireplaces. We will have stamped concrete and cultured stone samples on display and expert technicians on-site for you to speak with.

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