Custom chimney services:

Standard fireplace and flue cleaning. *call for pricing. We offer multiple cleaning discounts for same locations. Apartments and Condo associations, call for a quote. Removes dangerous flammable creosote from inside the chimney. According to the Fire Department, sweeping should be done yearly.

Wood stove (insert or freestanding) and flue cleaning.

Gas insert cleaning and services. Complete service with cleaning. We check the gas flow throughout the unit and clean the glass. Inspection of the venting and the chimney is included.

Gas insert or freestanding repairs. We can fix ANY brand fireplace.

Call our office for a quote to repair your gas fireplace.

Complete safety inspections and condition reports included in with all cleanings. Free estimates for repair are given on the spot for any unsatisfactory condition.

Gas Furnace or water heater flue sweeping. Removes dangerous lye, condensation acids, and promotes efficient exhausting.

Fireplace and hearth face lifts. Replace your fireplace’s outdated stone or brick with new innovations. With many materials to choose from, ask our technicians about a specific product or even a recommendation for your space.

Dryer vent cleaning. *Multiple cleaning discounts at the same location. Apartments and Condo Associations, call for a quote. Lint can build up in the dryer vent duct, clogging it. Because lint is highly flammable, this can be a serious fire hazard. We check the air flow and clean and brush out the vent while the dryer is running.

Solve Smoke and Downdraft problems.
Effective solutions for fireplace and wood stoves that cause smoke problems inside your home. We have found that 45% of all chimneys in the greater Puget Sound area have this problem- we have never found one that we couldn’t fix.

Chimney caps.
Lifetime warranted stainless steel with spark arrester screen. Arrests dangerous sparks from roofing, surrounding trees and shrubbery. Keeps out rain, snow, animals and debris.

Custom stainless steel chase covers.

Crown Repair.
Prevents water penetration through the top of your chimney and saves major restoration expenses.

Counter flashing should be mortared into every chimney up to 1-1/2″ in depth. We also do roof-to-wall flashing.

Tuck-pointing. Replaces missing or loose mortar in brick chimneys. We grind out up to 1- 1/2″ in depth on damaged mortar and re-mortar with a waterproof agent in the mix.

Masonry Repairs.
Returns a deteriorating, unsafe chimney to original condition- “like new again”.

Earthquake Damage inspections and repairs- reinforce chimneys.

Flue lining or relining. Prevents deadly carbon monoxide from penetrating through your unlined or deteriorating chimney.

Gas furnace B-vent pipe replacement. Is your gas vent pipe all rusted out or rusted through? This can be a water leak problem or a carbon monoxide leak problem.

UL listed Terra Cotta clay tile liners.  When you don’t clean your chimney on a regular basis, you will get creosote build up. This can lead to a chimney fire and crack your Terra Cotta clay tile flue liners. Relining gives new life to unlined or damaged chimneys that would otherwise have to be completely rebuilt from the ground up. Repair costs may be covered by your home owner’s insurance.

Your chimney is constantly exposed to weather and often this appears as water in one form or another, usually rain or snow. Not only can water do serious damage in your house if it gets inside, it can literally break the chimney apart through the freeze-thaw cycle during the winter.
Taking care of your chimney involves more that inside maintenance. It also means applying a top-quality, reasonably priced, water repellent to the outside. We use and recommend Chimney Saver(R) water repellent to extend the life of your chimney and give you further peace of mind. Chimney Saver(R) doesn’t plug the surface with solid acrylics or silicone, so the chimney can breathe, allowing water vapors produced inside to escape to the outside. Chimney Saver(R) can prevent the ugly stains you often see on brick work, the result of mineral salts evaporating out of the bricks and mortar after water penetration. Chimney Saver(R) will stop water even at hairline cracks.


Custom hearth and home:

Custom fireplace mantels, book shelves, and cabinets.

Custom glass and screen doors for fireplaces.

Custom brickwork and restoration is our specialty.

Cultured stone and regular stone work, restoration of patio pavers, brick planters, columns and house tuck-pointing.

Stamped Concrete. Vertical stamped concrete columns or chimneys. Horizontal stamped concrete hearths.


Custom Outdoor living spaces:

Paver, patios, decks, and sun-rooms. Patio and deck covers. Screen rooms, spa and pool enclosures.

Horizontal stamped concrete patios, walk-ways, or tabletops.

High end barbecues and Kitchens

Outside Fireplaces and Fire Pits

Ox Consulting